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Why are we doing this? One of the biggest complaints we hear from hairdressers is the inaccessible nature of education, due to the cost and location of seminars and tutorials. We believe that the future of Salon and Spa education lies in creating a web portal where individuals can access information and education easily, at any time, for an affordable price.

With this in mind, we have created a website that is all about connecting hairdressers to what they need: Connectus.Education. For a small monthly fee, subscribers will receive access to our site, which will host the latest news, discussions and a library of videos on topics such as Cutting, Colouring, Business, Beauty and more. Think about it as Netflix for the Hair & Beauty industry. We need your brand to contribute, to help build the skill base of Canadian hairdressers and build your brand’s stature in the industry by sharing your accumulated wealth of experience. 

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